• Travel Trio Gift Set

    Travel Trio Gift Set

    Perfect for the on-the-go traveling professional. The set includes a half pound of chocolate…

    ...from $57.95

  • Build-a-Box Gift Set

    Build-a-Box Gift Set

    Winans Holiday Box is filled with a 6 piece box of chocolates, a 1/2 pound of wetzels, mint jewels,…

    ...from $29.95

  • Assorted Chocolate 1 lb. Gift Box, wrapped

    Assorted Chocolate 1 lb. Gift Box, wrapped

    Winans assorted chocolates are hand-picked from our candy cases in an assortment of milk and dark…

    ...from $21.95

  • Holiday Gift Basket

    Holiday Gift Basket

    Winans Holiday Gift Basket is filled with a half pound of chocolate candies, brittle, malt balls…

    ...from $49.95

  • Chocolate Wine BottleSold Out

    Chocolate Wine Bottle

    Unfortunately, we are unable to take online orders for chocolate dipped wine bottles. Bring your…

    ...from $18.95

  • Wurtles Sampler Gift Box

    Wurtles Sampler Gift Box

    A new addition to our gift box line-up! These boxes contain an assortment of your favorite…

    ...from $15.95

  • Wrapped Gold Market Box

    Wrapped Gold Market Box

    Choose your own Winans favorites and have them packed into this festive holiday box or choose one…

    ...from $19.95

  • Signature Gift Box

    Signature Gift Box

    A full pound of Winans customer's favorite candies including sea salt caramels, peanut butter…

    ...from $22.95

  • Graham Cracker Gift Pack

    Graham Cracker Gift Pack

    Three each of our chocolate covered graham crackers - in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white…

    ...from $3.45

  • Peppermint Bark Gift Pack

    Peppermint Bark Gift Pack

    A perfect combination for the peppermint lover! Enjoy one pound of freshly roasted peppermint bark…

    ...from $17.45

  • Winans Travel Mug Gift Pack

    Winans Travel Mug Gift Pack

    Our travel mugs make the perfect gift for any occasion... especially bundled together with a Winans…

    ...from $44.45

  • Starry Kisses Gift Pack

    Starry Kisses Gift Pack

    Karamel Kisses are one of our most popular gifts. Who could resist that delicious chewy caramel…

    ...from $9.95

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